Myers Cocktail IV (Top Seller)

The Myers' Cocktail is the "Gold Standard" for overall healthcare. This IV supports your Immune System and can give you a burst of energy to stop you from feeling sluggish.

Pure Hydration

Pure Hydration delivered right to your bloodstream. One of the best things about the fluids we use is that they are infused with electrolytes to get you hydrated and keep you hydrated.

Reboot Dehydration/nausea/Hangover

There's no need to wait around and suffer with a hangover for hours when you can get rid of your symptoms much faster. It works by rehydrating your body and replacing the vitamins and minerals that have been depleted from alcohol consumption.

Get-Up-and- Go Energy Boost

This blend is great if you're a runner, hiker, gym rat, or soccer mom, this is the IV for you. It will give you energy and nutrients and keep you going!

Recovery & Performance

Shorten the time of recovery after an injury and potentially improve athletic ability

Immunity & Wellness

Stay healthy and prevent illness. Replenish important immune enhancing vitamins and minerals. Our immunity and wellness package fills the gap of what your body is missing and keeps your immune system in tip top shape.


This blend is most effective for Any kind of viral infection, illness, or seasonal allergies.

Inner Beauty

Beauty and Women's Blend
Enhance your beauty inside and out. Improve your hair and nail strength while providing your skin with a nourish glow. Improve menopause symptoms at all stages, combat osteoporosis, hot flashes, mood swings, and sleep disturbances.


Brain regeneration, decrease age related diseases, improve muscle function, reduce pain, reverse signs of aging, Addiction recovery, decrease withdraw symptoms

IV Vitamins & Add-ins

Vitamin B12


Vitamin C



Additional Fluids